Boat Accident Testimonial

Accident Scenarios We Don't Like to Think About

Most of us don’t really like to think about the bad things that can happen because we just want to go out and have fun. That’s natural. However, it is good to be aware and best to be prepared! Wear a Life Jacket! Save a Life!

  • Imagine an unexpected summer storms develops the wind really picks up, the waves quickly grow large and a wave catches the bow of your boat and you capsize. Now you find yourself trying to hold your own in very rough water.With a life jacket on you will float until rescued.
  • Some intoxicated adults who have had just a little too much to drink are not paying attention, get to close and collide with your boat. You fall backwards and hit your head on the stern as you plunge into the water unconscious.If you are wearing your life jacket, you will float until you can be rescued.
  • Your boat has capsized; there is no help in sight so you decide to swim to shore. Your clothes become water logged and very heavy. You are too tired to keep swimming. You start to panic and flail. If you have a life jacket on swimming will be easier, you will not tire so quickly, and you can rest while floating.
  • The “big one” you’ve been dreaming of finally bites! He is huge, you stand up to reel him in and lose your balance – into the water you go. It is freezing cold and hard to move.If you have a life jacket on you will have a greater chance getting safely back into the boat.


Save A Life! Wear A Life Jacket!