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Will Your Child Panic if the Boat Capsizes?


Can Your Child Tread Water for 10 Minutes?


Prevent Drowning - All Children Need to Wear Their Life Jacket!


The Top 5 Reasons All Children Need to Wear a Life Jacket:

  • Panic is the first response to a sudden accident. A life jacket will prevent your child from swallowing too much water and drowning.
  • During panic a child will flail their arms making it easier to sink. A life jacket will bring the child to the surface to float.
  • If during an accident your child becomes disoriented or unconscious a life jacket will save their life.
  • Rescuers will have time on their side to make a successful rescue.
  • To save a child's life when you are not able to.


The Top 5 Facts to Know Before Purchasing a Life Jacket in Children's Sizes:

  • Life Jackets are sized specially for children. Categories are "under 30 lbs, 30-50 lbs., less than 50 lbs., and 50-90 lbs." More than 90 lbs. is adult size.
  • Life Jackets must fit properly to be effective and save a child's life. Be sure to trial a life jacket on your child in shallow water for its first use.
  • Type II and V are designed to float your child in a horizontal face-up position.
  • The life jacket should be bright in color to assist with timely rescue. Look for a jacket with a sturdy grab handle to assist in rescue.
  • Life Jackets must be approved and stamped by The United States Coast Guard to meet safety requirements.


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Youth 50-90 lbs


Child 30-50 lbs


Puddle Jumper 30-50 lbs


Infant <30 lbs