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Can You Swim For 10 Minutes If Your Boat Capsizes?


Can You Pull Yourself From Icy Water in Soaked Heavy Clothes?


Prevent Drowning - Get Your Life Jacket Now and Save Your Life!


 The Top 5 Reasons Adults Need to Wear Life Jackets:

  • If you are caught off guard and thrown into the water your first reaction is panic. Wearing a life jacket will help you regain control.
  • If you strike your head falling from the boat and are disoriented or unconscious your life jacket will hold you afloat.
  • Rescuers will have time on their side to retrieve you from the water.
  • By wearing a flotation device you will have the ability to float while you use your hands to help others.
  • Remembering swimming is hard work. If you wear your life jacket chances are improved your buddies will wear their life jacket and lives will be saved.


The Top 5 Facts to Know Before Purchasing a Life Jacket:

  • The life jacket must be approved and stamped by the United States Coast Guard.
  • The Type I, II, and some Type V life jackets will float you horizontally face side up to breathe if you cannot swim or if you are not in good physical condition.
  • A life jacket or vest bright in color is best for rescue assistance.
  • It is important your life jacket fit snugly to save your life. Check the buoyancy. Try it out in shallow water. Your chin should be well above the water.
  • Be aware that water conditions and anything extra you carry in your pockets may alter the effectiveness of your PFD.


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