courtesy of Kai ~

Courtesy of Kai


Puddle Jumpers - Keeping Toddlers Safe At The Pool

Puddle Jumpers are a wonderful flotation "aid" that toddlers love to wear because they can swim around independently and safely.

Puddle Jumpers are approved by the US Coast Guard as a Type V with the actions of a Type III PFD. In other words, a Puddle Jumper will not float your child on their back keeping their face up and out of the water like a Type I and II will do. However, a Puddle Jumper will help keep your child floating in the water during those precious few moments you may have turned your back to attend to another while at the pool.


Our Recommendation

Once you have received your Puddle Jumper make sure it fits snugly.  The buckle and straps must be properly secured at your child's back.

Now it’s time to try it out so let’s get wet! We are fans of teaching toddlers about water in a slow and instructive manner.

  • Mom or Dad you should head into the water first and then encourage your toddler on to the stairs.
  • Have them stick their arms into the water. Watch their response as they learn the feeling of their arms floating.
  • Ask them to sit down on the stairs. They might show some surprise as they move their arms around freely and I bet they will start squealing with joy and start splashing.
  • Lead them out into the pool with you letting them hold onto your arms as they stretch their legs behind them. 
  • Get them to kick their feet, blow bubbles, and hold their head up.
  • When the time is right let them float on their own. Excellent!

Now back to the big picture - safety. Remember to use the Arm’s Length rule and don’t allow them to float further away than your reach. Puddle Jumpers are flotation aids and will not prevent drowning which only takes minutes. Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket will allow you a more comfortable and fun time in the pool with your toddler. So enjoy the summer and advocate water safety to your family and friends!