Wear It!

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Are You Sure Your Dog Can Swim? 


If He Gets Tired Can You Pull Him in the Boat Easily?


Prevent Drowning - Get Your Dog a Life Jacket Now and Save a Life!


 The Top 5 Reasons Dogs Need to Wear Life Jackets:

  • Not all dogs can swim. Some dogs do not take well to water at all. Body weight and buoyancy ability is important.
  • Older dogs are generally not physically fit. They will tire quickly.
  • Just like people, in a stressful situation dogs will panic, flail, become disoriented and drown.
  • A life jacket gives the rescuer more time to be successful.
  • Life jacket's have a grab strap to make retrieving your dog from the water much easier.


The Top 5 Facts to Know Before Purchasing Your Dog a Life Jacket:

  • A pet life jacket will hold your dog horizontally in the water to assist in keeping his head above water as well as flexibility to swim.
  • A life jacket must fit properly to save your dog's life. The jacket should fit snugly. For sizing measure the girth at the widest point behind the dogs front legs and then measure the length of the spine from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
  • A life jacket bright in color will assist with visualizing your dog for rescue.
  • Choose a jacket with a strong grab handle especially if you have a large dog. Keep in mind if your dog is too large to pull back into the boat your alternative is to hold the handle and pull him to shore.
  • Allow your dog to trial the new life jacket to learn that the jacket will help him swim and float.


 Don't Wait Any Longer! Buy Your Dog's Life Jacket Now!