Inflatable Life Jackets are the most popular style of PFD available on the market today.

  • Lightweight for Full Day Wear
  • Highly Dependable
  • Non-Restrictive, Compact
  • Recommended for Swimmers - Adult Sizes Only

Once you wear an Inflatable you will never return to a traditional PFD. You'll absolutely forget you're wearing a flotation device. Test ride the Inflatable and be amazed at how quickly it performs and how comfortable you are.


Automatic Inflatables (versus manual) are highly recommended. Point being PFD's go into effect when there is an emergency. If you hit your head as you are tossed from the boat and are dazed then you'll be unable to pull the manual cord!

Inflatables are recommended for swimmers only because from immersion to flotation there is a several second delay in the inflation process. During this time non-swimmers often become anxious and flail, hence a traditional PFD will give immediate buoyancy which a non-swimmer needs to feel safe.

Inflatable PFD's are available for the varying water conditions:

Type I, II:

  • Minimum buoyancy is 34 lbs.

Type III:

  • Minimum buoyancy is 22.5 lbs.

Type V:

  • Minimum buoyancy is 22.5 to 34 lbs.