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Our Mission: 

Prevent accidental deaths by drowning! We advocate 100% use of Personal Flotation Devices. We will accumulate and make available to you the best information we can find about Water Safety.  We want to catch the eye and the interest of everyone who enjoys water sport - leisure or competitive.

Our Goals:

  • To keep it easy! We've done the research and can provide you with the best choices in Life Vests to purchase online.
  • To assist you in deciding which Personal Flotation Device is best for you based on what your level of activity will be.
  • To offer eye catching video and educational materials that can be shared with family and community groups.
  • To build our comprehensive list of links to National Organizations promoting Water and Boating Safety.

Why Should I Where a Life Jacket?

Prevention! Personal Flotation Devices are a gift. In the event of an accident if the victim can not swim, whether unconscious or not, a PFD will provide time by keeping a victim afloat giving the rescuer a chance to make a successful rescue! 

As reported by the United States Coast Guard, “in 2008 among those who drowned 9 out of 10 were not wearing a life jacket.  Most boating fatalities that occurred during 2008 (72%) were caused by drowning with 90% of victims not wearing life jackets."

"Drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children 1-14 years of age. These children were not wearing a flotation device.

Take time to review Scenarios of Water Related Accidents. Use these scenes to remind your family and friends to always wear a life jacket.

Does It Matter Which Type of Life Jacket I Choose?

Yes! There are several Types of Personal Flotation Device's to choose from. What you choose should be based on whether you are a good swimmer or a non-swimmer, whether you will be spending the day in offshore water or inland water, and what kind of water or boating activity you will be involved with.

Can I Choose From Different Styles of Life Jackets?

Yes, there are several styles available based on what your activity will be.  Multiple colors, extra pockets, padding, etc. are all available.  The Inflatable Life Jacket is made to be worn all day.  PFD's can be comfortable, flexible, non-restrictive, and stylish!  There is a jacket to suit everyone.

Are There Really Life Jackets For Dogs?

Yes!  Man’s best 4 legged friend has a jacket available too.  His doggy paddle will be much more successful with the assistance of his own flotation device.

How Often Do Life Jackets Need To Be Replaced?

Replacement is generally based on amount of use and how well they are maintained. The PFD's should be checked on an annual basis.  We suggest checking them at the end of each year so you can budget for their replacement at the start of the new season.  Keep in mind you get find some good end of season sale prices too!

What Are Some Important Water Safety Facts?

Some of the most common suggestions are: 

  • No alcohol use;
  • Always have a buddy;
  • Know your area’s boating laws; and be aware of other boats.
  • Someone in the group should know CPR;
  • Know who can swim and who cannot;
  • Make sure more than one knows how to control the boat.

We ask that you use this site to help educate your family and friends about how important the decision to wear a life jacket is in promoting water safety and preventing tragic drowning. We also hope you will buy your Life Vest today with us if you do not yet own one or need a replacement.

Please take advantage of the Blog Section to share information. There is nothing quite as powerful as hearing about another's experience, good or bad. There is always something new for us to learn.  Safety on the water is everyone’s business. 

Thank you for participating with us.


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